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About Us

Camps For Kids is a Kansas City based non-profit organization dedicated to helping disabled and disadvantaged youth experience the wonders and the benefits of summer camp.

Founded in 1980, Camps For Kids will provide critical funding for 27 Kansas City area camps in 2013.

In 2012 the Camps For Kids network of accredited and licensed rural and inner city camps played host to 7,300 children and youth, 4,438 (61 %) of whom were in need or suffering from physical or developmental disabilities such as spina bifida, cancer, autism spectrum disorders, severe burns, and severe mental and developmental disorders, as well as children in foster homes, and children in financial need.

In 2012, Camps For Kids assisted the camps in its network to raise more than $190,000. The Camps For Kids Match Fund then added $162,000 to that amount, or an additional 86% to the funds already raised, providing more than $360,000 in scholarship funds.

In 2013 three more camps will join the Camps For Kids Network: Camp Oasis, for children with crohns and colitis diseases; Community360, for personal transformation; and Camp Planet D, for children with diabetes.

Participating philanthropies include The Hall Family Foundation, The Sarli Family Foundation, The H&R Block Foundation, The Sprint Foundation, The Sosland Foundation, Vivian & Hymie J. Sosland Charitable Trust, The R.A. Long Foundation, The Oppenstein Brothers Foundation, American Century Companies Foundation, W.J. Brace Charitable Trust, Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP, Citi Cards Foundation, Lorraine and Norman Martin Gift Fund, the Don Harman Memorial Fund, and others.


We envision a community that recognizes the unique developmental benefits of the summer camp experience for our children, that organizes to provide sufficient resources, that "takes care of our own," and that passes this salutary process on to subsequent generations.


Camps For Kids works to assure that no Kansas City area youngster is denied the benefits of summer camp due to medical disability or financial disadvantage.


Over 30 Years Helping Kids

Founded by Marjorie Powell Allen and other community leaders, Camps For Kids stepped in to help when the federal government withdrew assistance for youth summer programming in 1980.

For the past three decades, Camps For Kids has provided financial support to more than 65,000 campers who otherwise would have been unable to benefit from the valuable experience of summer camp.

Spina bifida, cancer, epilepsy, diabetes, developmental disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, severe burns, crohns and colitis, poverty and neighborhood crime these are some of the challenges facing our campers.

Our camping network includes 27 camps in 59 different sites/programs, specializing in serving this very deserving population. The Camps For Kids Network is generating life-affirming results for our campers as well as new skills, sound decision-making, and values and friendships that last a lifetime.

The Hallmark Corporation Foundation brought the Summer Dreams idea to Kansas City in 2006. Camps For Kids was selected as the lead agency for Kansas City's Summer Dreams based on Camps For Kids 25 years of experience in assisting medically and financially disadvantaged campers. The Hall Family Foundation, H&R Block Foundation, Sosland Foundations, Sarli Foundation and several others continue to be among the largest supporters of the Camps For Kids Campaign (which increased this non-profit's reach from 7 camps in 2005 to 27 camps in 2013.)

Area philanthropies invest by establishing a fund for special needs campers

  • Participating camps urge their supporters to contribute through this special fund so that donations can be matched dollar for dollar, expanding support for special needs campers
  • Camps For Kids allocates funds after ensuring that our network continues to support the neediest of our community’s kids, with only the highest quality programming